Asset Based Loans (ABL’s) is the process of monetizing Accounts Receivables and hard assets – for example, inventory and/or equipment that are not secured.   The reason that an ABL financing option exists is because company’s profits and/or equity ratio’s have breached covenants for regular institutional financing…here’s a great stop gap method of financing for good company’s.  You can even acquire a firm with this financing.  The abbreviated version of ABL’s is a combination of Receivables (much higher advance rates than banks), long term unencumbered assets to be leveraged and of course inventory’s can be leveraged up to 75% ( significant ranges between finished goods and raw materials / saleability etc. ) .   No-body wants to pay more for financing especially the firms who’ve had success and should therefore be regarded as such…i am the first to agree.  I see company’s who shouldn’t have to look for alternate financing because of a variety of reasons and one of them that stands out is a good management team.  Needless to say, here’s a financing program that can assist good company’s back into the ‘bank financing’