Business Acquisition Loan Success Factors

Tweet Afraid to Ask Questions About Business Acquisition Financing ? Business acquisition financing in Canada. When you are looking for a funder for a merger or acquisition of another company  or if you’re acquiring a business,  remember something we heard the other day –  ‘ Genius is often just pointing out the obvious truth that […]

Buying A Company? Business Acquisition Loans

Tweet Do You Know The Surprising Secret To Buying A Company ? Properly structured business acquisition financing loans are critical to success in buying a company or business in Canada. As a business owner and financial mgr your goal is to pay the right price and merge that with the financing you need to make […]

One Way To Buy A Company . Use ABL Finance Via An M&A Business Loan For Acquisition Financing

Acquisition Finance For Success – The Why And How Information on acquisition financing in Canada . Consider a business loan via ABL finance to successfully complete your transaction with no money down ? ! There’s just a lot of interest these days, it seems, in acquisition financing as a way for Canadian business to achieve […]

Why Consider a Merger Or Acquisition?

Mergers and Acquisitions, commonly called “M & A” in high finance parlance is one of the more exotic areas of finance and business. Generally larger transactions in this area are handled by investment bankers or merchant banks, but everyday a number of small and medium size businesses either complete or contemplate such transactions. Generally when […]