Buying A Company? Business Acquisition Loans

Tweet Do You Know The Surprising Secret To Buying A Company ? Properly structured business acquisition financing loans are critical to success in buying a company or business in Canada. As a business owner and financial mgr your goal is to pay the right price and merge that with the financing you need to make […]

One Way To Buy A Company . Use ABL Finance Via An M&A Business Loan For Acquisition Financing

Acquisition Finance For Success – The Why And How Information on acquisition financing in Canada . Consider a business loan via ABL finance to successfully complete your transaction with no money down ? ! There’s just a lot of interest these days, it seems, in acquisition financing as a way for Canadian business to achieve […]

Why Consider a Merger Or Acquisition?

Mergers and Acquisitions, commonly called “M & A” in high finance parlance is one of the more exotic areas of finance and business. Generally larger transactions in this area are handled by investment bankers or merchant banks, but everyday a number of small and medium size businesses either complete or contemplate such transactions. Generally when […]

Asset Based Lending Lines of Credit Canada

Is This Type Of Business Credit Line The Future of Business Borrowing For Many Companies In Canada Information on asset based lending lines of credit in Canada. These facilities are an alternative to bank credit lines and are used successfully by companies in every industry Asset based lending in Canada is a solid financing alternative […]