A Tale Of Two Business Credit Facilities – ABL Asset Financing And Bank Revolving Secured Facility

INFORMATION ON ASSET BASED BUSINESS LINES OF CREDIT AND BANK FINANCING IN CANADA Secured business credit via an ABL asset financing or a bank line of credit . It’s absolutely a tale of two. We guess the book might be called ‘ A TALE OF TWO FACILITIES’! Let’s examine some of the key differences and […]

How To Manage Costs Of Sales Of Receivables Via Factoring – Business Cash Flow Financing Explained!

A Better Alternative – Understanding A/R Financing Costs Information on how to understand and manage the costs of sales of receivables when utilizing the business cash flow strategy known by most business owners as factoring or invoice financing When Canadian business owners and financial managers contemplate sales of receivables as a business cash flow strategy […]

Has Your Company Overlooked the Business Financing of Receivables or Factoring as a Working Capital Strategy?

Here’s A Solid Working Capital and Cash Flow Solution for Canadian Business Information on receivable financing & factoring as a consistent cash flow business financing solution for Canadian businesses   Have you forgotten something? Perhaps it is just a case of overlooking or not knowing all your alternatives in business financing for working capital. Factoring […]

How Factoring and Accounts Receivable Funding Can Fix your Working Captital problems

The Fix Is In ! Cash Flow Problem Solutions Information on factoring and accounts receivable funding solutions . This type of financing fixes cash flow challenges when properly understood and utilized When your payments from key customers are significantly slowing down many firms in Canada turn to accounts receivable financing , otherwise known as ‘factoring’ […]

Receivable Factoring – The Two Things You Need to Know !

We’re Looking Inside the Box on Canadian Receivable Financing- Here’s What We Found! Information on A/R Financing Solutions In Canada Canadian business owners and financial managers can make some big, painful, expensive and time consuming mistakes when they choose the wrong factoring facility. In a previous article we highlight three popular misconceptions about factoring – […]